Memory care

Memory care

Memory care and assisted living are both options for long-term senior care. While assisted living is a broader term, memory care focuses on patients who needs long-term skilled nursing specifically targeting people with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia or other types of memory problems. Memory care will have a 24 hour service, usually in a separated area of an assisted living facility. The physical layout of a memory care facility will usually be pleasant and easy to navigate, and made sure that wandering behavior is minimized to not confuse the patients. The staff working with the patients will also be professionally trained workers, specifically trained to assist people with memory problems.

Around 70% of adults over the age of 65 will need assisted living or memory care sometime during their lives. If you are unlucky and gets diagnosed with a memory problem, the chances are you have to move in to a long-term facility, as it will be hard to perform all the everyday tasks as your disease progresses with time. Having options to choose from is therefore important, as you have the opportunity to decide on a facility based on your preferences and needs.

Where memory care has a focus on patients with memory problems, assisted living welcomes everyone who needs help with their daily activities and everyday tasks. Even if you’re still active and vital, you might not be able to perform all these tasks and activities independently, and that’s when assisted living would be a good option for you. Assisted living combines housing, support services and health care, and transportation and medical management is often included. What they’re offering varies from place to place, so be sure to do all your research when choosing a facility for your loved ones. You want to make sure the place you choose offers all the features you’re looking for, whether it’s 24 hour support and supervision, or just a helping hand whenever it’s needed.

Memory Care

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